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A bright warm photo of a diverse group of individuals in an office meeting room staring and smiling at the camera.

Unlocking Accessibility: Critical Role of Wayfinding Technology Webinar

This webinar focuses on the critical role wayfinding technology plays in becoming an employer of choice and how it can help build more inclusive workplaces.

Image of a woman in wheelchair sitting at cafe with her laptop open.

Stop pitying the person in the wheelchair: for morality’s, society’s, and medicine’s sake

In this article, our CEO & Co-founder, Anna Wright, challenges the belief that disability is "wrong" or needs fixing. They advocate for recognising individuals with disabilities for their capabilities and unique experiences, promoting a more inclusive society. Through the "social model of disability," our CEO emphasises that societal barriers, not the condition itself, create disability. Join us in changing cultural norms and embracing diversity in all its forms.

Colourful blue and yellow gradient image background. In the foreground are two close up photos in circles. A woman with light hair smiling on the right, and the left circle is a man in a suit and short cropped hair smiling. At the top of the image are the words 'The Power of Storytelling in B2B Marketing'

BindiMaps' Journey through the Power of Storytelling in B2B Marketing

Our Head of Marketing, Nina Drakalovic, recently discussed our commitment to accessibility and storytelling in B2B marketing on The CMO Show podcast. Nina highlighted our journey of breaking down barriers and emphasised the power of storytelling to communicate our dedication to inclusivity.

Image showcasing snippet of four different maps of BindiMaps app. The title is placed at bottom on left and highlights, 'Navigating Inside Peter Mac'. On bottom right is the BindiMaps logo

Improving Accessibility at Peter Mac in a Victorian Hospital first

We are thrilled to announce that we have successfully mapped the the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre in a Victorian hospital first.

mage of our Co-founders Mladen and Anna from the award night. Mladen is golding the award. Both the founders are seated and are smiling at the camera.

Co-Founder Mladen Jovanovic secures Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award

We are thrilled to share that our Co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer, Mladen Jovanovic, has won the esteemed Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in Sustainability & Social Responsibility.

A graphic featuring a cut out photo of a diverse group of people including a man in a wheelchair and woman with a guide dog.

Reflecting on 2023: A Year of Impact, Resilience and Innovation

2023 has been a big year for BindiMaps, our users, community and clients!  As we wrap up this remarkable year, we are excited to share our key highlights of this year with you all.

Man with guide dog walks through airport using BindiMaps wayfinding app

Sunshine Coast Airport first airport in Australia to install BindiMaps - improving accessibility for all passengers

Sunshine Coast Airport (SCA) has become Australia’s first airport to install BindiMaps in a bid to help its 1.62 million annual passengers seamlessly navigate its facilities and become one of Australia’s most accessible airports.

Light Pink background with the title in a wavy red curve, mentioning, '5 minutes with' The curve is dark red and the text is in white bold font. Below the title it highlights, 'Michael Perry from treasury Wine Estates' On left of this text is a headshot of Michael places in a circular shape. The headshot is black and white in colour.

Celebrating Accessibility Champions: 5 Minutes with…Michael from Treasury Wine Estates

Meet Michael Perry, the Disability Employee Resource Group Lead-ANZ and Enterprise Application Manager of Treasury Wine Estates. We dive into his role, what a typical day is like, and how BindiMaps is helping him and his company achieve their diversity and accessibility goals!

Graphic image featuring a light red/pink background. On top is a red ribbon shape with the words '5 minutes with' written inside. Towards the middle is a black and white photo of a smiling woman with glasses. To the right are the words 'Tami from St Vincent's Hospital'

Celebrating Accessibility Champions: 5 Minutes with...Tami from St Vincent's Hospital Sydney!

Meet Tami Ebner, the Diversity and Literacy Health Coordinator at St. Vincent’s Hospital Sydney. We dive into her role, what a typical day is like, and why BindiMaps is helping her achieve her diversity and accessibility goals!

BindiMaps on the Global Stage Celebrating World Summit Awards Win

We are excited to share that we have won the esteemed WSA (World Summit Awards) for our amazing digital solution. Our team's relentless dedication and innovative approach have paid off, putting us at the top in the digital world. The 17th WSA Global Congress in Puebla, Mexico, celebrate remarkable accomplishments in using digital technology to tackle the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals.

Image with a title 'WE LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING YOU AT AUSTRALIAN OPEN' in bold white font with a blue background highlighting the tennis tournament. Displays two character illustrations holding tennis equipment on left & right side of the image with the bindiMaps logo place in the bottom centre of the image.

Accessible wayfinding at the Australian Open

Did you hear? We are mapping the biggest sporting event in the Southern Hemisphere, 'The Australian Open', for the second year in row!

A mixed logo slide containing the logos of 40 different companies that have been awarded in the World Summit Awards, including BindiMaps.

BindiMaps announced as World Summit Awards 2022 Winner

We are thrilled to announce we have been selected as a World Summit Awards Winner in the Smart Settlements & Urbanisation category!

Snippet of BindiMaps app in action; with two screens on the image. The first screen on left shows map view to find directions- in the snipped the app is guiding the user to Shoe Emporium in Meadowland marketplace with notification on top mentioning, '!Careful: Escalators out of order.' The screen on right simultaneously shows how a user can enable audio prompts to get directions. The screens are placed on a red background.

The Importance of Accessibility in Shopping Centres

People with a disability constitute a significant group of consumers. However, shopping centres may miss out on engaging these customers and providing an enjoyable shopping experience because of a lack of accessible indoor wayfinding and signage.

Navy and white duotone image of Budapest International Airport as the background. In the centre of the photo is an iphone with BindiMaps on the screen showing the location and map view of the airport.

BindiMaps is at Budapest International Airport in major European accessibility project

Budapest International Airport has become the first in the world to enable blind and vision impaired travellers to navigate independently, thanks to BindiMaps.

Graphic showing a red background, and colourful graphics. It shows a illustrated BindiMaps app in a hand and a photo of a man installing BindiMaps on a ceiling.

The ease of installing BindiMaps

One of the biggest concerns when thinking about upgrading your building with digital maps or an accessible navigation system is, ‘How much time and involvement do I need from my team to get this up and running? In this post we’re going to bust the myth that innovative technology - like digital mapping and navigation - must mean complicated, expensive and time consuming installations, and explain why a BindiMaps installation is done in less than 24 hours even for a large and complex space like a hospital or university.

Background image featuring a hospital corridor, showing medical professionals walking away in the background. Over the top is the BindiMaps and Five Faces logos.

BindiMaps partners with Five Faces to transform the healthcare customer experience

BindiMaps has joined forces with Five Faces, leaders in digital and healthcare customer experiences. The partnership between Five Faces and BindiMaps adds crucial indoor and outdoor navigation to consumer engagement solutions from Five Faces by integrating the BindiMaps wayfinding app into digital directories and healthcare appointment scheduling

Photograph of Dylan Alcott, a young man wearing a dark beanie smiling at the camera and giving a thumbs up. On the right we have Cass, her blonde hair is tied up, and she has a lovely smile. Behind them you can see the bright green grass of the festival grounds.

A podlet with Dylan Alcott

When Dylan Alcott OAM grabs you to record a podcast with him, you have to say yes! Our wonderful Customer Success Manager Cassandra Embling popped into the ‘podlet’ studio to chat to Dylan on the NEC Creating Value series during Ability Fest last year.

BindiMaps team at disability expo, with a banner behind saying, "The Fastest way from A to b".

Sydney Disability Expo'22 is BindiMapped!

We're excited to be partnering with Sydney Disability Expo'2022, to provide digital navigation services during the program. Disability expo is Australia's largest program that brings the disabled community together in a face-to-face environment, and we're beyond thrilled to have the expo Bindimapped. - This means 100% accessibility!

BindiMaps on The List: Top 100 Innovators 2022 (The Australian)

We are incredibly proud that BindiMaps and our co-founders have been recognised on The Australian Top 100 Innovators List! The list celebrates and highlights future-focused leaders and companies that put Australia on the map as an innovative nation and we're beyond thrilled to be one of them!

Colourful graphic image featuring a photograph in the middle of three people in an office. The man in the middle is in a wheelchair, he has short dark and is wearing a white tshirt and jeans. The woman to his right has dark skin, short curly hair and is wearing a light grey dress and black boots. The woman on the left is in a blu dress and has short brown hair and is light skinned. The photograph is set on a gradient background which goes from navy to a reddish pink hue.

How to help people with a disability evacuate during an emergency

Are your evacuation plans accessible? As more people return to the workplace, and workforce participation from people with a disability is increasing, it is essential to ensure that people with a disability can evacuate your building quickly in an emergency.

Gradient of red and blue over an image of a retail store. On top of the image are two phone screens, showing navigation in the shopping centre, map view and also text view.

Three reasons why indoor navigation is changing the retail experience

Shopping centres are increasingly becoming larger and more complex. Information kiosks and physical signage give shoppers a general idea of location, but they lack the detail of being able to guide consumers every step of the way to the store.

Image of an information kiosk screen with the words 'Press side button for audio assistance' written in english and then there is braille underneath

Want to get somewhere? First, look for this thing

Colourful illustration featuring a woman with curly hair and a guide dog using the app, next to her is a man in a dark shirt and blue pants smiling. There is text in the middle of the image that says 'Find your way from alex the astronaut to Benson'. There is an image of a phone on the right of the image with the logo BindiMaps and Ability Fest inside.

BindiMaps partners with Ability Fest- Australia's completely inclusive music festival-to boost accessibility through digital way-finding

BindiMaps is partnering with Ability Fest, Australia’s completely inclusive music festival, to provide digital navigation during the event, making the festival even more accessible for people with a disability.

How we give you the right directions when you need them

One thing that makes BindiMaps so powerful for our users with vision impairment is the years we have spent developing our Navigation Language Framework (NLF)- the rules and systems we use for issuing spoken directions to users.

Beautifully lit photograph from a higher angle of the inside of Pacific Werribee shopping centre- glass diamond shaped ceiling panels and marble mozaic floor with people walking around shopping.

Guide Dogs and BindiMaps boosts access at Pacific Werribee Shopping Centre

Colourful blue and red and white illustration of a jaunty looking man holding a phone and standing in front of a medical centre reception desk. The ground is a light red, and he is in all blue and looks happy to have found the place using BindiMaps!

Tactiles and Braille won’t solve Sunshine Coast Hospital’s $5m problem

Creating truly accessible hospitals needs to go beyond adding tactiles and braille signage. Digital wayfinding is inclusive, empowering and inexpensive.

Illustration of a pensive looking man with clear metal glasses, wearing a light blue collared shirt on a light navy background.

Spotlight On... Dr Thanassis Boulis, Principal Systems Architect at BindiMaps

Meet Principal Systems Architect, Dr Athanassios (Thanassis) Boulis! Thanassis is responsible for the complex system design of BindiMaps, and the development of our localisation and navigation algorithms.

Spotlight On...John-Ross Barresi, National Locations Manager at BindiMaps

Meet John-Ross (JR) Barresi, our National Locations Manager. JR manages all the BindiMaps supported locations in Australia, including setting them up and maintaining them. This means he is often out at shopping centres, office buildings or hospitals getting the spaces ready for the BindiMaps navigation system to do its thing.


Spotlight On...Joash Chong, Senior Developer at BindiMaps

Meet Joash Chong, Senior Developer at BindiMaps. Prior to joining us at BindiMaps, Joash worked at a global last-mile delivery and logistics company, where he focused on designing the vehicle routing algorithms that helped drivers deliver as efficiently as possible. 

Lovely illustration of a woman with flowing dark hair on a light red background. She is smiling, and wearing a dark blazer over a light shirt.

Spotlight On… Leethu Mathai, Mobile Developer at BindiMaps

Meet Leethu Mathai, who develops and manages BindiMaps’ iOS mobile app. Leethu is a very experienced mobile developer and most of her 9+ years’ experience has been in developing applications for corporate and industrial clients in insurance, energy and banking.

Photo of keith urquhart

Spotlight On... Keith Urquhart, Senior Software Engineer at BindiMaps

Cass, a young woman is sitting on a Harley motorbike. She is smiling and it is a lovely sunny day. She is wearing a kick-ass biker jacket, jeans and black shiny helmet, and she looks cool as. Behind her is a parked car and lush greenery.

SBC Accelerator concludes with demo day

The technology behind BindiMaps

Welcome Nina, our new Head of Marketing!

Taking to the Skies with Cora

Vicinity Centres says BindiMaps highlights the importance of exploring inclusiveness

We've just hired Australia's most experienced expert in planning and managing indoor navigation

“And she’s buying an accessible ramp to Heaven...”

Little Miss Understood

The Tail of Cass and Cora

Newcastle Museum is BindiMapped

Second KPMG office goes live

Maps or audio? You choose!

Disability expos Australia-wide to be BindiMapped

Cane versus canine

The importance of accessibility

Foundations of Independent Travel

The First Step — Introduction

New feature takes BindiMaps outdoors!

BindiMaps: Revolutionary, Legendary

Melbourne Sports Centres is BindiMapped

Android app is live

We arrive in Southern Highlands

Our first hospital installation goes live

Bindylitics is here

Wayfinding upgrade for National Library

We map our first school

“Why doesn’t every shopping centre have it?” - Smart Company

Commercial Building Wesley Place gets BindiMaps treatment

Media goes wild for Bindi in Rockhampton

Vision Australia's Melbourne Head office is BindiMapped

Wayfinding touch-screens can spread COVID-19. BindiMaps has a solution

BindiMaps and COVID-19

Stockland Traralgon is BindiMapped

Stockland Rockhampton Shopping Centre joins BindiMaps

BindiMaps 2.0 is launched: and it's faster and better

Android BindiMaps coming soon

Shock finding! Sighted people need wayfinding too

Melbourne Disability Expo is our third this year

We move into TAFE NSW

We were all over Cebit 2019

We make news with our first Qld shopping centre launch

Massive expo at Sydney Showground BindiMapped

Wow! Look at our new-look app!

Big Day Out at Stockland Wetherill Park

Three locations in SA now

New Location: Camberwell Place Shopping Centre Melbourne

New Location: Yarra Trams Melbourne

New Location: Adelaide Central market

Mladen stars at Melbourne Entrepreneurship Gala

Anna is a finalist in Women's Agenda Leadership Awards

New Location: Griffith University Queensland

Sydney Startup Hub installs BindiMaps

Business Circle demos BindiMaps at AMP Building

Anna mentors with Pacific women

Melbourne Shopping Centre BindiMapped

RSB hosts us for Adelaide Tech Fest

BindiMaps stars at Disability Expo

CEO Anna makes global connections.

We're expanding to Victoria!

Successful Trial at Prime Minister and Cabinet Office

Vision Australia NSW Head Office BindiMapped

Merits for us at iAwards

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