BindiMaps partners with Five Faces to transform the healthcare customer experience

BindiMaps has joined forces with Five Faces, leaders in digital and healthcare customer experiences.

The partnership between Five Faces and BindiMaps adds crucial indoor and outdoor navigation to consumer engagement solutions from Five Faces by integrating the BindiMaps wayfinding app into digital directories and healthcare appointment scheduling.

As users self-manage and receive reminders, staff involvement in day-to-day administration is substantially reduced while also easing visitor and patient frustration when getting lost in complex spaces such as hospitals. 

As an accessibility integration, BindiMaps enables healthcare providers to break down the barrier to access for people with disabilities, enhancing physician-to-patient trust and improving health outcomes.

“We are proud to offer our clients leading navigation technology from BindiMaps to ensure accessibility for all consumers, including people with vision impairment.”

Nicole Nixon, Managing Director of Five Faces. 

“From hospitals to shopping centres, this technology fits seamlessly into our digital workflows across consumer and patient engagement, visitor management, queue management, digital directories and check-in,” says Nicole Nixon.

Founder and CCO of BindiMaps, Mladen Jovanovic, says, “We know that a key problem many patients and staff members face when in hospitals is understanding where they need to go and how they can get there.

By integrating BindiMaps with the Five Faces digital workflows system, we can reduce the number of missed or late appointments, reduce the time it takes to onboard new staff, and drastically improve the overall patient experience within healthcare institutions.

We couldn’t be more proud to partner with a market-leading tech provider like Five Faces to make spaces more accessible and comfortable for everyone.” 

To learn more about how we improve the patient and hospital experience, get in touch.

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