Guide Dogs and BindiMaps boosts access at Pacific Werribee Shopping Centre

Press Release: Pacific Werribee shopping centre is now more accessible to Victorians with low vision or blindness following the installation of new wayfinding beacon technology, BindiMaps. 

Guide Dogs Victoria has joined forces with BindiMaps, supported by Wyndham City Council to install new navigation technology at Pacific Werribee shopping centre, working to ensure the local Wyndham community is more accessible for people with disability and enable them to lead full, independent lives. 

The installation was made possible by a Community Strengthening Grant from Wyndham City Council, which is dedicated to making local, public spaces easier and more efficient for everyone in the community to navigate.

BindiMaps is smartphone app that uses wayfinding beacon technology to enable people with low vision or blindness to navigate complicated indoor spaces with confidence. It uses a simple language audio system to describe where users are and what’s around them, and the best way to get to their chosen destination.

“Increased access to public spaces such as at shopping centres is extremely beneficial for the independence and wellbeing of people with low vision or blindness. We are so excited for Pacific Werribee to be a place that provides safe and independent access, and hope to see this technology rolled out across many more community sites across the state,” said Guide Dogs Victoria CEO Karen Hayes. 

Founder and CEO of BindiMaps, Dr Anna Wright, said “While BindiMaps can enhance the shopping experience for any customer, it completely changes the way people with a vision impairment can safely and independently access indoor spaces.” 

“Before BindiMaps, a person with vision impairment would need significant help from others to be able to do something most of us take for granted, such as accessing our local shopping centre. Our mission is to make every indoor space 100% accessible to everyone”.

Wyndham City Mayor and Healthy City portfolio holder Cr Adele Hegedich said: “This is a fantastic initiative for our residents who have low vision or blindness and will assist them to live a full and independent life. Wyndham City is proud to support this initiative which uses new technology. We’re 

always looking for new ways to assist residents and visitors to maximise their experience in Wyndham.”

BindiMaps is the biggest provider of accessible wayfinding for people with low vision and blindness in over 40 indoor locations in Australia. It aims to provide inclusive, accessible, indoor wayfinding that helps everyone find their way through indoor spaces.

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