A podlet with Dylan Alcott

Photograph of Dylan Alcott, a young man wearing a dark beanie smiling at the camera and giving a thumbs up. On the right we have Cass, her blonde hair is tied up, and she has a lovely smile. Behind them you can see the bright green grass of the festival grounds.

Creating value with the Ability Fest Music Festival.

When Dylan Alcott OAM grabs you to record a podcast with him, you have to say yes!

Our wonderful Customer Success Manager Cassandra Embling popped into the ‘podlet’ studio to chat to Dylan on the NEC Creating Value series during Ability Fest music festival last year.

BindiMaps installed at the outdoor event to make it easier and quicker for people with a vision impairment and wheelchair users to navigate the festival – leaving more time to see their favourite bands and do a drink run in between!

Image of Dylan Allcot and Cass Embling in a podcast studio.

You can listen to the full episode below:

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