Disability expos Australia-wide to be BindiMapped

For the first time, disability expos around the country will be totally accessible to people with vision impairment, thanks to a partnership between BindiMaps and expo organisers Social Impact Institute.

Inside the expos, BindiMaps will provide accurate navigation and guidance to all individual exhibitor booths in the space, as well as to bathrooms, information desks, registration, food outlets and other locations. 

BindiMaps COO Mladen Jovanovic and CPO Tony Burrett posing with a fellow exhibitor at the Melbourne Disability Expo in 2019. BindiMaps will be mapping and exhibiting at all the major disability expos in 2021.

And for the first time, BindiMaps will include accurate navigation from car parks outside of venues and from their nearest public transport hubs, making it possible for expo visitors to search for their favourite exhibitor as they get off the train and go straight there. 

Visitors without vision impairment will also have the benefit of new features specifically designed for them. BindiMaps makes it easier for everyone, whether they prefer audio or map-based instructions. Everyone gets the full expo experience.

BindiMaps will also have a presence at the expos, providing a great chance for us to meet users and clients around Australia.

Social Impact Institute disability expos in NSW, Queensland and Victoria will be mapped by BindiMaps, so that everyone can find their way to any of the hundreds of individual expo booths in each expo. The first expo in the new partnership will be in Newcastle, NSW on May 21-22.

Other venues include the Sydney Showgrounds, Brisbane Showgrounds and the Melbourne Convention and Entertainment Centre.

Founder and CEO of BindiMaps Dr Anna Wright says that she is proud to be working with Social Impact Institute and providing this crucial inclusive service to all their expos.

“Before BindiMaps, a person with vision impairment would need significant help from others to do something most of us take for granted, such as visiting an expo and finding out about products and services that would be of benefit to them. But now, even someone whose sight is very limited or non-existent can find their way around an unfamiliar space much more independently. 

“We are so pleased that the Social Impact Institute’s disability expos are the latest in our nation-wide rollout of expos, shopping centres, educational institutions and other public buildings,” says Dr Wright.

“BindiMaps provides a unique service that makes our expos safer, more productive, more enjoyable experiences for people seeking the best disability services,” says Social Impact Institute’s Kathryn Carey, responsible for rolling out Australia-wide disability expos. 

The disability expos that will be mapped by BindiMaps include: 

  • Hunter Disability Expo, Newcastle NSW May 21-22
  • Gold Coast Disability Expo, Queensland, June 15-16
  • Sydney Disability Expo, NSW, August 6-7
  • Nepean Disability Expo, Penrith NSW, September 17-18
  • Brisbane Disability Expo, Queensland, October 15-16
  • Melbourne Disability Expo, November 19-20

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