The technology behind BindiMaps

BindiMaps is a mobile app available for Android and iOS devices, that provides localisation and wayfinding for users in indoor and outdoor spaces, and is especially useful where GPS doesn’t work well. 

Although the system can be used by anyone, BindiMaps is optimised for users with vision impairment. It operates using smart audio directions to let the user know where they are in the space, and then guide them to their chosen destination. 

A user with vision impairment simply opens BindiMaps in a supported location and the app will read out the distance and direction to three closest three points-of-interest. 

Using a search feature, the user can choose any destination in the location, and BindiMaps will guide them there, again using easy-to-understand, customised audio directions. 

BindiMaps can be deployed in any space where there is a need for accessible wayfinding and navigation, including shopping centres, hospitals, educational campuses, office buildings, airports, libraries and public buildings, and outdoor malls.

The system is particularly useful in large, complex spaces, including spaces with multiple floors and multiple buildings. We cover indoor and outdoor areas.

BindiMaps uses a network of low-energy Bluetooth beacons that we deploy in our locations. The beacons are battery operated, can be deployed quickly and need no internet or other IT or network services. 

On the user’s smartphone, BindiMaps “listens” for these beacons and then takes in a large amount of other data from the phone’s environment, including GPS data and info from the phone’s accelerometer, compass and other sensors. 

In this way, we can provide wayfinding where GPS can’t reach, and with an accuracy level many times better.

Part of our setup of a location includes loading our system with floor plans and key information about all the destinations inside the location. The BindiMaps app downloads this data so that it can provide the user with contextual and other information as required. 

All this information is assessed by BindiMaps’ set of unique algorithms that constantly update the user’s position and the most efficient route to their chosen destination. 

During onboarding, a user can choose whether they prefer our audio directions, or our map view mode. 

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