BindiMaps partners with Ability Fest- Australia’s completely inclusive music festival-to boost accessibility through digital way-finding

09 November 2021

BindiMaps is partnering with Ability Fest, Australia’s completely inclusive music festival, to provide digital navigation during the event, making the festival even more accessible for people with a disability.

BindiMaps is an app that enables people to navigate indoor or outdoor spaces where GPS cannot reach. The app uses intuitive audio, map and text directions to orient users and guide them to their chosen destination and is optimised for people with a disability, particularly those with a vision impairment. 

During Ability Fest, BindiMaps will provide accurate navigation and guidance to the stages, festival stalls, entrances and exits, and bathrooms, information desks, food outlets and other locations. 

CCO of BindiMaps, Mladen Jovanovic, said, “For a person with a vision impairment or other disability, navigating a festival can be complicated and challenging. That’s why we are incredibly excited to be working with Ability Fest to enhance the accessibility of the festival and make it easy for everyone to navigate the day with ease and enjoy the music!”

Ability Fest is the brainchild of four-time Paralympic gold medalist & 15-time grand slam champion Dylan Alcott. Ability Fest aims to use music as an inclusive platform to normalise disability.

“ABILITY FEST started as a place to bring friends together to enjoy good quality live music – no matter what your access challenges may be. Today, four years in, we have created an event that sets a new standard in the festival world, and shows others what is possible.”

BindiMaps is free to use and download from the App Store and Google Play and has Australia-wide locations.

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