Vicinity Centres says BindiMaps highlights the importance of exploring inclusiveness

We’ve just received the following positive testimonial in a video interview with Nick Irvine, GM of Business Development, Energy and Media Partnerships for Australian retail property manager Vicinity Centres.

Vicinity Centres is one of Australia’s leading retail property groups with a fully integrated asset management platform and $23 billion in retail assets under management across more than 60 shopping centres, making it the second largest listed manager of Australian retail property.

BindiMaps’ indoor wayfinding technology has been installed at Oakleigh Central, a 14,000+ square metre single-level shopping centre south east of Melbourne’s central business district with more than 25 speciality stores and anchored by Coles and Woolworths. Nick says,

“We decided that wayfinding was something that we needed to enhance. I think what BindiMaps showed us was that there was a need for inclusiveness that we hadn’t explored. I couldn’t see any other solution out there in the marketplace. As a big organisation, to have a solution that was ready and available, that we could adapt into our existing wayfinding business, was key.” 


“BindiMaps is a truly mature and feature-rich technology platform that allows us to integrate seamlessly into the enterprise technology infrastructure of any large commercial or public organisation,” said Chief Commercial Officer, Mladen Jovanovic.

“BindiMaps’ foundations in providing indoor wayfinding solutions for the vision-impaired community means that the accuracy and simplicity of our solution is truly unmatched, and our ability to collect, manage and report on the details of the retail tenants in a shopping centre means we’re rapidly becoming an irreplaceable part of many commercial property managers’ daily operations.”

“We can update the entire organisation on the latest tenants and their locations, and our BindiLytics platform can provide accurate and detailed analytics on visitor behaviour in a location including routes taken, tenants and facilities searched for, and dwell times at different locations in a property.”

“We are really proud to be working with Vicinity Centres in making their centres accessible and easy to navigate for everyone in the community. We hope to continue our relationship with Vicinity and install our world-leading indoor wayfinding solution in all Vicinity Centres’ properties, as it’s currently being rolled out across Stockland retail properties Australia-wide,” said Jovanovic.”

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