BindiMaps 2.0 is launched: and it’s faster and better

BindiMaps 2.0 is in the Apple App Store now.

The BindiMaps team are all working from home during the Coronavirus restrictions, and that hasn’t stopped us working to make BindiMaps better. 

We’ve just released a new version to the Apple App Store which is the culmination of months of back-room work and lots of testing to improve all our fancy algorithms that drive our app. 

We’ve completely re-written the algorithms for localisation and navigation, the engine-room of BindiMaps, making the app even better at what it does, and more responsive.

The changes also prepare us to implement some more major changes we have planned for the future!

Some important improvements in our new app: 

  • It’s much more responsive, and keeps up with you better as you walk. We had great feedback from some users that sometimes BindiMaps was a step or two behind where they were in reality, particularly if they were walking swiftly. We’ve fixed that. Now we’re able to keep up with even our power-walking users!
  • Our navigation is now even more awesome. This is probably the thing we’re most pleased about in our new app. Our navigation system is now much smarter. It finds the best and/or fastest route to your destination and then constantly looks for a better route as you walk, dynamically updating as you go. It’s much more natural and friendly too, with a new system of “waypoints” to keep you on track. 

We hope you can try out BindiMaps 2.0. And as always, we love hearing from our users so let us know what you think!

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