Maps or audio? You choose!

We’re famous for our simple audio wayfinding navigation, perfect for users with vision impairment. But what if you prefer your directions with maps? 

Well, now BindiMaps lets you choose!

Just tell us whether you prefer maps or audio, and you’ll get the experience that suits you. You can choose when you first download the app, or change your preference in settings.

Now BindiMaps gives you the choice of our signature audio directions or, if you prefer, a map view with special features and options for users without vision impairment.

Choose maps, and you’ll see our new-look, updated design with snazzy-looking maps and extra features.

  • You can zoom in and out to see more or less detail
  • Tapping on a venue shows a quick summary of what to expect there, and provides and option to navigate to it.
  • Choose a destination and we’ll show you the best way to get there, with a simple blue line you can follow.

Our audio directions are of course, as good as ever, providing audio info via your smartphone’s accessibility features, and appropriate waypoints and alerts.

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