We arrive in Southern Highlands

BindiMaps indoor navigation app is now in Bowral in the NSW Southern Highlands, an area of beautiful rolling countryside, hobby farms owned by the rich and famous, and antique shops by the score.  We’ve installed in The Mill, a historic building, previously a sawmill that is now home to a co-working space, specialist offices, farmers […]

Our first hospital installation goes live

Hospitals are notoriously difficult to get around. They are typically large, complex places, often with several buildings, some old and some new, connected via a variety of bridges, lifts and stairs.  Hospitals are really challenging places for indoor wayfinding. To make it more difficult, if you’re visiting a hospital you’re probably a little bit worried […]

Bindylitics is here

We’re very pleased to announce our new analytics and data platform for building owners and managers, Bindilytics. Bindilytics provides comprehensive information on indoor traffic flows, including heat maps and path analysis, plus a detailed breakdown on arrivals, searches for destinations inside buildings and dwell times. It uses data from the BindiMaps app, but can also […]

Wayfinding upgrade for National Library

If there is one set of places that absolutely should be accessible to everyone, it is public libraries. They provide such a great service to people of all abilities, providing a place to learn, to meet or just to hang out with a good book. That’s why we are so proud and pleased to have […]

What Does it Cost?

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