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BindiMaps is on a mission to revolutionise the way we all navigate both indoor and outdoor spaces. Imagine if an interactive kiosk in a shopping centre crossed with Google Maps – that’s BindiMaps.

BindiMaps is the largest provider of accessible indoor navigation in Australia. Our primary users are people who are blind or vision impaired, but our app works brilliantly for everyone.

Working at BindiMaps

BindiMaps is a great place to work. We’re a small and powerful team, growing fast.

We’re dedicated to diversity. We’re proud that we were founded as part of a program to even the balance for female tech entrepreneurs, and it remains important to us that our company and our products are for everyone.

We value flexibility, collaboration and solving problems. We’re flexible about where you work, whether that’s in our offices in Sydney or Melbourne, or in some cases remotely, and we’re dedicated to making sure that we’re collaborating effectively and getting the best ideas wherever they come from.

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