New feature takes BindiMaps outdoors!

We’ve always been about helping users make their way in indoor spaces. However, we are taking that to the next level with our new feature, Precincts, which takes our detailed, accurate, accessible, common-sense navigation system and brings it outside, to support navigation around BindiMaps locations.

Precincts is supported now on our iOS and Android apps, and we’ll be progressively turning it on for all our locations over the coming weeks. 

Once it’s on, you’ll be able to open BindiMaps when you get off the bus at the nearby stop, and BindiMaps will direct you straight to the specific room or store inside your destination building.

Precincts are perfect for shopping centres, high streets, university campuses and hospitals. They extend our more detailed customised wayfinding to provide accuracy, detail and customisation not possible with GPS alone.

Benefits: Customised locations, detailed walking routes, seamless switching between the outdoor shopping centre and the indoor store.

What is BindiMaps?
Everyone loves navigation apps.
You know, like the one on your phone that rhymes with ‘frugal chaps’.
They’re brilliant, until you go indoors and everything just…shuts down.
That’s where BindiMaps comes in.
We help you find your way around the indoor spaces that other navigation apps can’t reach.
Once you open the app, the technology finds you and then uses common-sense, everyday language to guide you to wherever you’re going:
Parent’s room in the mega-mall? Walk this way.
Neo-natal ward in the new hospital? 9 metres on your left.
For many people this will be hugely helpful.
For people with a vision impairment, it’s a complete game-changer.
Whatever you’re looking for, BindiMaps will help you get there.

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