BindiMaps and COVID-19

A major part of what we do at BindiMaps is to help people with vision impairment get out in the world and mix with others, in shopping centres, educational institutions, public buildings and workplaces. 

We do it because we want a world where more people can explore, and take part in, their communities and their environments in an independent, seamless way. 

But this virus, and the steps it forces us to take to fight it, work directly against that. Our users, many of whom are at a higher risk of infection and harm, find themselves less independent, less able to get out into their communities and we are less able to receive the benefit of their wisdom, skills, experience and joy. 

To all our users and friends who are blind and vision impaired, know that we’re thinking about you even more than normal, and that we hope you keep safe and look after yourselves. 

We are working hard during the COVID-19 restrictions with new algorithms and an Android app coming soon.

The virus and the restrictions have affected BindiMaps as a company too. We’ve had to cancel a bunch of installations in new locations, a host of marketing plans and, perhaps most painfully, we know that our users are less able to get out and use our app. 

But there has been some great news for BindiMaps the company too!

We’ve been able to use this time to double-down on our software and systems development, and focus on making our app better. The results of that work are on the App Store now.

And soon, our app will be on the Google Play Store too. Yes, an Android app is coming!

And although some of our installations have been postponed, we were growing fast before the virus and all indications from our clients point to us being able to pick that up again when the restrictions are eased. 

We’ve even had some new clients who’ve signed with us during this period! More on that soon.

To cope with our growth, we’ve also been improving our back-end systems and software that control floor plans and other aspects of our service to our building owner clients. So when the restrictions are eased, we’ll be ready!

So in short, where preparing for when the restrictions ease. Then we’ll be back.

See you on the other side!

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