Team behind BindiMaps

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Co-Founder, CEO

Anna has more than 25 years in the finance industry, working as a management consultant to firms from both early stage through to IPO and trade sales. She holds a PhD in finance and has lectured and researched in the valuations field. She also has a personal interest in assisting people with vision loss.

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Co-Founder, CCO

Mladen is an international multi-award-winning entrepreneur, Forbes 30 Under 30 alumni, and an expert in the art of entrepreneurial sales and commercialising innovative solutions. Mladen is also the founder of Teaching Startups To Fish, a company that was created so entrepreneurs can get the most essential and impactful information on sales and business development, quickly and easily.

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Co-Founder, CPO

Tony is a startup product expert! He has spent 5+ years leading BlueChilli’s product management and development team, having built more than 40 new businesses. Tony co-founded startup-focused development and marketing business The New Agency, and is the founder of

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Principal Systems Architect

Athanassios (Thanassis) Boulis is a computer engineer with more than 20 years of experience building sensor networks, designing and evaluating communication protocols, and writing software such as simulators. He has expertise in fault-tolerant algorithm design, big data sensor applications, as well as performance analysis through modelling and simulation. His research publications have received thousands of citations and his open source software is widely used

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Joash has worked at several startups in engineering roles, including GetSwift as Lead Software Architect. He is the Author of leading monadic probabilistic programming framework for C#, and enjoys working at BindiMaps because he believes strongly in the ability of technology to support and enrich the lives of people with disabilities.

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Keith Urquhart

Senior Software Engineer

Keith has over 25 years experience as a software engineer specialising in building start-ups. Working across various industries such as entertainment, logistics, delivery, advertising, games and energy. Before BindiMaps Keith was CTO of a global last-mile delivery and logistics company listed on the ASX. Just prior to joining BindiMaps he co-founded TourTracks, an online app for managing touring artists which is used by some of Australia's biggest acts.

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John-Ross Barresi

National Locations Manager

After studying Health Science at LaTrobe University, JR took up a role as an Orientation & Mobility Specialist at Vision Australia. After a few years, he made the move to Guide Dogs Victoria where he spent the next 17 years of his career. As well and continuing in the O&M field, JR took on the role of Innovation & Project Coordinator. Is was here that his passion for how technology could help people with low vision navigate independently grew.

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Nina Drakalovic

Head of Marketing

Nina is a Fast Company award-winning marketing specialist with a background in journalism and visual design. She brings more than eight years of marketing and strategy experience working in media and advertising, digital products and tech startups, delivering comprehensive marketing campaigns, customer insights and creative ideas in high performing environments

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Yasin Ladhani

Account Executive

Yasin is an experienced Salesperson with a demonstrated history of working in the real estate industry and now in the IT industry. Skilled in Sales, Cold Calling, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Customer Retention, and Sales Management. Strong sales professional graduated from Cherrybrook Technology High School.

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Alan Jones

Marketing Consultant

Alan Jones is an Entrepreneur in Residence for startup accelerators, was a founding investor in Pollenizer, Startmate and Blackbird Ventures and is a partner at M8 Ventures. He work hands-on with the founders of early-stage startups and new product development teams, with a particular passion for improving diversity and inclusion in tech, renewable energy, clean transport, smart cities, sustainable food production, wearable technology, drones, AI and machine learning.

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Lucy Serret

Head of UX and Design

Lucy is a passionate problem solver and inclusive design practitioner. Working in digital tech consultancies and agencies for the past 6 years has enabled her to work closely with a vast range of companies and organisations, conducting research studies, delivering design strategy projects, and designing inclusive digital experiences for a wide range of users. Her passion for accessibility, research, design, and technology continue to propel her to ask the big questions and test her assumptions.

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Alexander Loucas

Digital Acquisitions Specialist

Alex is a passionate Digital Acquisitions Specialist with a love for problem solving, consumer behaviour and using data to tell a story. He has a proven track record of driving impactful results to multimillion dollar companies through challenging & testing the status quo, optimising sales funnels & creating detailed digital marketing plans.

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