Sydney Disability Expo’22 is BindiMapped!

BindiMaps is collaborating with the latest Disability expo, to be held in Sydney on Friday 5 and Saturday 6 August at the Sydney Olympic Park, to provide digital navigation services during the program, enhancing accessibility for people with a disability.

Disability Expo, also recognized as ‘My future, My Choice’ is Australia’s largest disability expo program. It was found by the ImpactInstitute, with the aim of bringing the disability community together. It connects thousands of people with a disability with hundreds of product and service providers, as well as host a variety of educational and interactive sessions provided by industry experts.

BindiMaps is an app that facilitate its users to find their way around indoor or outdoor areas that are beyond of GPS’s range. The software is designed keeping people with a disability in mind, especially those with vision impairments. It employs intuitive voice, map, and text directions to orient users and lead them to their desired location. Our technology enables people to navigate with confidence and independence as they move through unfamiliar and complex indoor spaces.

Throughout the program, BindiMaps will assist its users by offering precise directions and navigation to multiple locations like entrances, information desks, food outlets, 200+ exhibitors, bathrooms and many more. This certainly enhances accessibility for our users and provides an amazing navigation experience.

My Future, My Choice is being embraced by people with disabilities as a method to choose how they want to live their life today and make plans for the future, and BindiMaps is excited to be part of their journey!

Download BindiMaps today to find your way through the expo easily and efficiently. BindiMaps is free to use and download from the App Store and Google Play and has Australia-wide locations.

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