Unlocking Accessibility: Critical Role of Wayfinding Technology Webinar

In conjunction with Australian Disability Network (AusDN), we hosted a webinar in April 2024, titled, ‘Unlocking Accessibility: Critical Role of Wayfinding Technology in Your Strategy.’

The webinar was presented by Lucy Serret, our Head of User Experience and Design and recent appointee to the Technical Advisory Group for the Disability Discrimination Act Advisory Note.

The one-hour session focused on the critical role wayfinding technology plays in becoming an employer of choice and how it can help build more inclusive workplaces.

Key topics:

  • How to prioritise accessibility and wayfinding within the work environment
  • What is wayfinding and why does it matter? 
  • The limitations of current wayfinding solutions 
  • The impact of poor wayfinding on people and businesses, with guest speakers sharing their stories of navigating indoor spaces
  • How BindiMaps is bridging the wayfinding gap + Case Studies
  • Insights into how people with vision impairment use technology for wayfinding

Access the complete webinar presentation below:

Complete Transcript:

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