Celebrating Accessibility Champions: 5 Minutes with…Tami from St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney!

Our clients are true advocates of accessibility and inclusion, going above and beyond to set the standard for diverse workplaces.

In our ‘5 Minutes With’ segment, we meet these remarkable individuals making a positive impact.

Meet Tami Ebner, St. Vincent’s Hospital Sydney’s Diversity and Literacy Health Coordinator. We dive into her role, what a typical day is like, and why BindiMaps is helping her improve the patient experience and reach her accessibility goals!

Tami, can you tell us about your role at St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney?

I manage diversity and health literacy programs across the hospital to support equitable and inclusive healthcare.

This includes developing and implementing projects, strategies and education in these areas, working on initiatives to improve access and outcomes, liaising with interpreter services, reviewing patient demographic data to understand our community and improving how we provide information to patients.

What does your typical day look like?

There’s a lot of variety in my day – I could be implementing BindiMaps and installing iPads for wayfinding, providing education to staff around working with interpreters, checking that patient information is in plain language, coordinating a working party, developing resources, updating a policy and more!

What does accessibility mean to you and St Vincent’s?

Broadly it means having services available to our patients and community, in the right place and right time, and providing care in a way that is responsive to a person’s needs. It’s around understanding what people need and how they interact with the health care system.

Why did you install BindiMaps?

We installed BindiMaps as we recognised how it could help patients, visitors and staff find their way around the hospital. It can be tricky to navigate to different areas and Bindi can really help with this. We love that the app provides audio directions as well as accessible routes and that the app can be easily updated.

We’re also so excited to trial BindiKiosk on iPads around the hospital and are looking to integrate Bindilinks into texts and letters to patients so they can plan their trip before coming to the hospital.

To learn more about how St Vincent’s Hospital created an accessible and inclusive space, click here.

How has your experience with BindiMaps been?

It’s been fabulous! Everyone at BindiMaps is an absolute pleasure to work with and so responsive to our feedback and needs.

If you could only choose one song to play every time you walked into a room for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Any song by Paul Kelly!

Thank you to Tami for generously dedicating her time to participate in “5 Minutes with You”.

By championing initiatives and collaborating with innovative solutions like BindiMaps, hospitals can enhance accessibility, empower patients, and foster an environment where everyone feels welcome.

Learn more about how BindiMaps can help hospitals and healthcare with their digital wayfinding and accessibility needs.

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