Wayfinding touch-screens can spread COVID-19. BindiMaps has a solution

A study in medical journal The Lancet last month found that the COVID 19 virus can last for up to three hours on glass surfaces such as touch-screens, providing a potential problem for shopping centres that use the screens in wayfinding kiosks. 

Retailers such as Coles and Woolworths who use touch-screens for self-serve checkouts have tasked staff members with the job wiping the screens with disinfectant after every use. 

But the touch-screens in wayfinding kiosks, those large, free-standing screens which help users navigate to particular stores, may not get that sort of cleaning treatment. 

These screens are generally placed prominently in major entrances, where their whole purpose is to be touched by thousands of visitors. 

BindiMaps can provide an alternative, and better, system that takes all the information from a kiosk, and other static signage, and puts it into a visitor’s smartphone. BindiMaps help users find their way around the indoor spaces that other navigation apps can’t reach.

Once you open the app, the technology finds you and then uses common-sense, everyday language to guide you to wherever you’re going. The BindiMaps app has the additional benefit of being totally accessible, so it can be used equally well by people who are blind or vision impaired.

With the gradual easing of restrictions designed to reduce the spread of the coronavirus, the managers of shopping centres and other public buildings are looking forward to seeing more customers and visitors come through their doors. 

But none of us want to see the “second wave”. To keep the restrictions eased and the visitors flowing, shopping centres and visitors need to ensure they do as much as they can to keep transmissions of the virus at bay. If they don’t, and infections rise, restrictions may well be tightened again, Governments and health experts have warned.

To change over to BindiMaps is easy, and BindiMaps can be set up and operational in a day, even in a very large shopping centre.

Together we can all prevent a second wave, and BindiMaps is here to help. 

Go here if you’d like to talk to us about getting BindiMaps installed in your building.

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