Wow! Look at our new-look app!

We are very pleased to share with you the totally new look, completely redesigned, amazing new BindiMaps App!

Since our last update we’ve been listening carefully to all our users and this new version bakes in much of that feedback you’ve given us over the last few months, adds some great new features and prepares us for some major new features and rollouts we’ve got planned for coming months. Thank you to everyone who used the app, tried it and told us how to improve!

Our new-look BindiMaps.

The new version has a completely new look and feel, with high-contrast colours and a new, updated map view, so it even now looks great for sighted users!

But the main updates, as ever, make it easier and smoother for people who are blind and vision impaired to independently navigate indoor spaces.

We’ve made the app much smoother and more focused when it comes to navigating to your destination. Our “What’s Around” feature is still there, giving you updates on key destinations that are close by, but once you “Start Navigation”, that’s what the app focuses on.

We’ve upgraded the way we handle alerts now, too. So safety notices and other important information is now easier to hear and, if you miss an alert, it stays around so you can access it again.

The flow of the app from one function to another is easier now too, with “Refresh, “Search” and “Map View” buttons all easily accessible.

We hope you like the new app. Please let us know what you think. You can even give us feedback directly in the app now!

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