BindiMaps on The List: Top 100 Innovators 2022 (The Australian)

We are incredibly proud that BindiMaps and our co-founders: CEO, Anna Wright, CCO, Mladen Jovanovic and CPO Tony Burrett, have been recognised on The Australian Top 100 Innovators List!

The List: Top 100 Innovators launched by The Australian, celebrates and highlights future-focused leaders and companies that put Australia on the map as an innovative nation. Innovation takes many forms, but its proponents share a common goal — driving Australia forward and inspiring the rest of the nation to achieve continued success (David Swan, editor, The List: Innovators 2022).

The Australian Top 100 Innovators List names the future-makers who are hiring the next generation of talent and building the foundations for what our country can — and should — become. This year’s list was selected by an esteemed label of people including Didier Elzinga, Dom Price, Edwina McCann, Jane MacMaster, Julie Bishop, Robyn Denholm, Roy Green, Sally-Ann Williams, Sarah Vega and Steve Vallas.

BindiMaps was highlighted in the list through Anna’s story of dealing with her retinol condition to successfully building a technology start-up with a vision to improve accessibility for people with a disability. The feature adds how Anna found BindiMaps in 2017, along with CCO Mladen Jovanovic and CPO Tony Burrett leading the product development. It further explains how the app (BindiMaps) offers accurate navigation in indoor spaces not serviced by traditional GPS and guides users inside locations such as hospitals, office buildings and shopping centres, using audio, text and maps to describe the surroundings, and calculate the best path for reaching their destination.

Read the original article here to learn more about the BindiMaps journey.
Lastly, congratulations to all of the amazing startups and companies on the list who are driving Australian innovation.

The List of Top 100 Innovators by the Australian showing headshots of 8 leaders who made it to the list.

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