Newcastle Museum is BindiMapped

Newcastle Museum in NSW is the latest cultural institution to be BindiMapped. 

Funded by the City of Newcastle in NSW, the Museum collects, preserves and interprets objects and stories for and about Newcastle. 

Exhibits include a gallery focused on the area’s coal mining history, details of famous and successful Novacastrians, an original Model T Ford vintage car, and Buck, a steam train locomotive that served on on the great Northern Railway in NSW.

The Museum is currently hosting an exhibit, Sea, Space and Beyond which features a range of exhibits and artworks created by artists with a vision impairment. The artworks are designed to experienced using touch.

Visitors to the Newcastle Museum explore the Sea, Space and Beyond exhibition, which features works created by, and for, artists with vision impairment.

All these exhibits and more are now easily accessible to everyone, including those with vision impairment, using BindiMaps. 

And using our new Precincts feature, anyone can now get off the Newcastle light rail station nearby and search for a specific location inside the museum. BindiMaps will guide them from the light rail station directly to their destination inside.

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