SBC Accelerator concludes with demo day

CEO Anna Wright and COO Mladen Jovanovic pitched to investors and major sports facilities this week at the Startup Bootcamp Sports and EventTech Accelerator demo day. 

The accelerator is sponsored by some of Australia’s largest sporting stadiums and sports organisations, including Cricket Australia, the Australian Grand Prix and Netball Australia and aims to showcase and encourage startups with tech that can assist sports and events. 

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We were very pleased to gain a place in the three-month program because large, complex sports arenas and the areas that surround them need wayfinding like nobody’s business, and accessibility for people with low vision can be a major issue at these facilities. 

Over three months, we learned a lot about sporting organisations and their needs and gained many new contacts in this space. Thanks so much for the team at SBC for their help and support during the program. 

And stand by by for a major announcement on a major sporting venue that will soon be BindiMapped!

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