Spotlight On…Joash Chong, Senior Developer at BindiMaps

Meet Joash Chong, Senior Developer at BindiMaps.

Prior to joining us at BindiMaps, Joash worked at a global last-mile delivery and logistics company, where he focused on designing the vehicle routing algorithms that helped drivers deliver as efficiently as possible. 

Joash built static and real-time vehicle navigation and routing algorithms that optimised thousands of routes per second, and built and deployed online machine learning algorithms for spatiotemporal demand forecasting, allowing demand fluctuations to be accounted for in pre planned delivery routes.

At BindiMaps, Joash is responsible for our Android app, and he plays a major role in developing and refining our navigation and wayfinding systems. Joash also advises on the set-up and design of the tools, such as our creatively-named “Diagnostics Tool” that help us easily iterate our algorithms and test and manage our locations and apps at scale.

Joash has made many contributions to the open source community, and he’s the author of a leading monadic probabilistic programming framework for the programming language C#.

Joash says, “I enjoy working at BindiMaps because I believe strongly in the ability of technology to support and enrich the lives of people with disabilities.”

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