Welcome Nina, our new Head of Marketing!

We’re excited to announce that our marketing for BindiMaps is about to step up to another level of creativity, strategy and professionalism with the appointment of our new Head of Marketing, Nina Drakalovic!

Nina is a Fast Company award-winning marketing specialist with a background in journalism and visual design.

She says, “I am incredibly excited to join the passionate team at BindiMaps, who are revolutionising the way we navigate indoor spaces and making a life-changing impact on people who have vision impairment — empowering everyone to move around with freedom and confidence. I can’t wait to see what we will come up with and bring BindiMaps to the world!”

Nina brings more than eight years of marketing and strategy experience working in media and advertising, digital products and tech startups, delivering comprehensive marketing campaigns, customer insights and creative ideas in high performing environments.

Nina Drakalovic

By night she reviews films on the Cinemascape show on community radio station Eastside 89.7FM and spoils her dog, Elvis.

“We loved Nina’s energy and enthusiasm from the first time we met,” says BindiMaps CEO Anna Wright. “But that’s balanced by a calm strategic marketing mindset, complemented by a full set of skills in all the marketing modalities, which is really something you need when you’re a one-person marketing department for a fast-growing startup!”.

“Plus, she’s a dog person. That’s not yet an essential prerequisite for joining our team, but I wouldn’t rule it out in future 😉”

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