Bindylitics is here

We’re very pleased to announce our new analytics and data platform for building owners and managers, Bindilytics.

Bindilytics provides comprehensive information on indoor traffic flows, including heat maps and path analysis, plus a detailed breakdown on arrivals, searches for destinations inside buildings and dwell times.

It uses data from the BindiMaps app, but can also include data from other sources such as free wi-fi and store entry trackers.

A sample Bindilytics path map from a BindiMaps location.

The data lets building managers know which areas are being used more frequently than others, how visitors are getting around their buildings and which locations inside their buildings are being visited more often. The data can help them plan programs to change and manage the traffic to optimise the value of their assets.

Bindilytics data is totally anonymous, and is not tied to any users or visitors.

Bindilytics is live now and we’re happy to offer demonstrations.

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