Help staff & patients find their way around your hospital


Help staff & patients find there way around your hospital


Help staff & patients find there way around your hospital

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Learn how Hospitals use BindiMaps for Accessible Wayfinding

Benefits of using BindiMaps as a wayfinding tool at your Hospital

Organisational Accessibility

Integrate Bindimaps into your hospital calendar and booking systems. Easily navigate to your room or location and share it with others.

Spatial Data Analytics

BindiMaps provides in-depth spatial analytics for your hospital. You will receive heat maps, dwell times, search terms, entry and exit points plus more! Use this data to help reduce congestion on staff and be in control of your space.

Fully Managed Service

BindiMaps takes care of the complete installation process, so your team is free to do what they do best. Map design, beacon installation, route guidance and location testing is all done by our team!

BindiMaps Hospital & Healthcare Wayfinding Solution

A doctor working on a laptop with a stethoscope placed on table

Website & Kiosk Integration

Embed interactive maps directly onto your website or kiosk to allow staff, patients and visitors to navigate to their chosen destination.
Accessible and inclusive space with wheel chair user in hospital

Accessible & Inclusive Space

BindiMaps uses a simple, natural language audio system, and visual maps to ensure everyone can navigate your hospital - no matter of their abilities.
Nurse walking down a hallway rolling a hospital bed along the ground

Proximity Alerts

Proximity alerts such as trip hazards, low head clearance, and any other obstacles are mapped and communicated to visitors to make your hospital safer.
Hospital waiting room with people sitting down and walking through the space

Heat Maps

Heatmaps will allow your team to see which areas of your hospital are being used efficiently. Heatmapping will also help in identifying high and low congestion areas.
Nurse on ipad sharing location

Location Sharing

Easily share a location with visitors, patients or staff to help navigate them to the correct room or space.
Computer with iPad, keyboard and mouse on a timber desk.

Calendar Integration

Directions to a space can be added automatically to any calendar. All calendar invitations can include a BindiMaps link to assist visitors, patients or staff to safely navigate to their next location.

BindiMaps Installations

Installing BindiMaps is quick, easy and completely managed our team.

Group 18-min

Timeline 2-4 weeks preparation

Group 19-min

Timeline 24-48 hours installation

Timeline 2-4 weeks preparation

Timeline 24-48 hours installation

What Does it Cost?

Costs vary based on the size of the space. Use the calculator below to get a quote.

Submit your details below to get an approximate quote for your space.
Don’t forget to deduct all back-of-house and other areas where navigation is not required.

Learn More about Creating an Accessible & Inclusive Space for your Hospital

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of installing BindiMaps at an office or building?

There are many benefits to having BindiMaps! Here are just a few:

  • Remove the stress on staff or visitors to find their way around your clinic or hospital. Once BindiMaps is installed the app will navigate them safely to their destination.
  • BindiMaps can map wheelchair accessible routes, voice & map guidance to ensure that your space is inclusive of everyone of all abilities
  • BindiMaps can integrate with your calendar and booking system so patients and staff can easily click a link and be navigated to the correct location.
  • BindiMaps will provide heatmaps that will allow your team to identify which spaces of the hospital are being used efficiently.
Who owns the beacons?

The beacons are owned by you, but as a part of our service we will maintain the infrastructure. If you have any other services you want to leverage the beacons for (like cleaning, security, etc.), you can do so without having to add in additional infrastructure.

If we have BindiMaps installed in our building, do blind people still need their guide dogs or canes?

Yes. We would not expect a person with vision impairment to give up their mobility aid at any time. We provide directions to a location, but a person with vision impairment still needs to take account of any obstacles that cannot be isolated such as chairs and other moveable furniture.

How long does it take to install BindiMaps?

That depends on the size of the hospital or clinic and the complexity of the installation, but it’s probably quicker than you think. For example, we have installed at a 5-level hospital with over 30,000 sqm and two building over 4 days.

How quickly can you update the app if there are changes to our floor plans?

Quickly! Any new rooms or hospital spaces can easily be added within a couple of hours.

Does Bindimaps need e-health digital approval for our hospital/healthcare facility?

No. Although, BindiMaps is currently a registered software vendor for NSW Health.

How accurate is BindiMaps?

BindiMaps locates the user within your hospital or healthcare clinic to an accuracy of 1-2 metres. This is 10 times the accuracy of Google Maps.

Can we put the beacons wherever we like in our hospital or healthcare clinic?

No. The installation process is done by specialists as the beacons need to be placed in specific locations to guarantee the highest level of accuracy and coverage

Do we pay for the whole gross area of our hospital?

No. You will only be charged for the area which BindiMaps covers. This area is determined after examining the floor plans you provide us.

Does BindiMaps hold/impact any patient records?

No. BindiMaps does not collect any identifying information. Therefore, all of the information we capture is completely anonymised.

What type of Bluetooth transmitters are used?

We use small Bluetooth beacons which are approximately 2.5cm x 2.5cm and are battery operated. The beacons are adhered onto ceilings, walls, poles, or any areas where they are out of sight. We are pretty flexible with where we put the beacons and not drilling into surfaces or wires are required for installation

Does BindiMaps carry out maintenance?

Yes, once your building has been BindiMapped, we’ll introduce you to our customer success team. They’ll be in touch to make sure all of our maps and information are up to date.

What are the advantages of Bluetooth beacons?

A big advantage of Bluetooth beacons is the flexibility and ease of installation. We are able to be really accurate with our localisation by using Bluetooth beacons. No matter if you have a high-rise building, or are 10 floors underground, our beacons will still be able to help you find your way around, even when there’s no mobile-phone reception.

Why is the BindiMaps solution better than other digital way-finding or indoor navigation platforms?

BindiMaps provides accessible navigation to everyone in your community. Most software providers usually create a service for the masses, then add accessibility features as an afterthought – we have gone the other way! We have made a system which is completely accessible to people of all abilities. Once we had an awesome product, which was highly accurate, we added visual maps so everyone can use it to find their way around.

Can we have separate maps for public and staff accessible areas?

Yes. We can include and exclude any space that you want accessible by the public or staff.

What Does it Cost?

Submit your details below to get an approximate quote for your space. Costs vary based on the size of the space. Use the calculator below to get a quote.

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