Senior Account Executive (full time)

About BindiMaps

In 2017, BindiMaps was established, and the team set out on a mission to create a tool that allows people who are blind or vision impaired to independently navigate unfamiliar spaces. After we successfully created a highly accurate indoor navigation system that was predominantly auditory, we sold it across the country to shopping centres, hospitals, office buildings, and many other places. We quickly came to the realisation that we have some powerful tech that could completely revolutionise the world of indoor navigation and to allow everyone in the community the chance to independently navigate our complex world.

We decided to expand the product to include safety features, accessible routing, visual maps, and many other features to make BindiMaps the go-to app for indoor navigation – imagine if an interactive kiosk in a shopping centre crossed with Google Maps – that’s BindiMaps.

BindiMaps has quickly grown to become the largest provider of accessible indoor navigation in Australia.


What BindiMaps is looking for

BindiMaps is currently hiring for a foundational role in the company to help us accelerate our year-on-year growth. The sales team currently consist of two people, with the support of Customer Success and Marketing – with this team we have been able to grow over 600% last year and hope to see another 10x growth this year.

At this crucial point in our growth, we hope that the next person that comes on stays with the company and grows with us throughout our international expansion.

We’re seeking a professional Senior Account Executive to put our products and solutions into the hands of consumers in the Australian Market.

The ideal person will have a wealth of experience in starting new relationships, building on existing relationships, and ensuring customer satisfaction within your accounts. You should be a curious individual with strong communication skills and have the ability to showcase our offerings in a compelling way. You’ll be a proactive and important member of our growing sales team, identifying growth opportunities for clients before they identify a need or gap for themselves.

There’s a lot of room for growth and this is the perfect opportunity for someone to get in early on in our growth phase and ride this rocket ship with the rest of the team.


Working at BindiMaps

BindiMaps is a great place to work. We’re a small and powerful team, growing fast.

We’re dedicated to diversity. We’re proud that we were founded as part of a program to even the balance for female tech entrepreneurs, and it remains important to us that our company and our products are for everyone.

We value flexibility, collaboration and solving problems. We’re flexible about where you work, whether that’s in our offices in Sydney or Melbourne, or in some cases remotely, and we’re dedicated to making sure that we’re collaborating effectively and getting the best ideas wherever they come from.

Required Skills

  • Experience in a sales role
  • Strong communication skills via phone and email
  • Ability to manage multiple accounts while seeking new opportunities
  • Proven creative problem-solving approach
  • Strong desire and ability to move up within a sales organisation


BindiMaps is a small company going places, so you will have the opportunity to grow with us, taking on more responsibility and reward as you succeed.