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Android Developer (Sydney, Melbourne or remote in Australia)

I’m telling you: this Android developer role at BindiMaps is your dream job. Here’s why:

  • You’ll work in a totally flexible environment, deciding where and how you get the job done
  • We are a truly family-friendly workplace. Need to pick up the kids or care for a loved one? Absolutely no problem, and welcome to the club
  • You’ll make the world a better place for people with disabilities, while building one of Australia’s most successful startup businesses
  • You’ll get to work on gnarly problems and build truly cutting-edge technology, including a new next-generation, camera-based localisation system
  • You’ll get the non-corporate feel of a great Aussie startup, but one that’s been around for years and is well-funded. That means a small team, but with a proper salary and amazing opportunities to learn and build your career as we grow

To get all that, all you’ll have to do is help us grow and develop our unique product, working collaboratively with our small but genius team, and take ownership of, and pride in, our Android app. This is the app that provides wayfinding and navigation services to some of Australia’s largest and most complex spaces, including: 

  • Massive shopping centres, 
  • Landmark corporate offices including the workplaces of KPMG and EY
  • Major hospitals like St Vincent’s Sydney
  • Sporting complexes like MSAC in Melbourne
  • International European airports
  • Big international events including the Australian Open Tennis, the Australian Formula One Grand Prix, the MotoGP and more.

I told you it’s your dream job! You should apply!

About BindiMaps

BindiMaps is the largest provider of totally accessible wayfinding in Australia. Our iOS and Android apps assist everyone to navigate complex spaces where GPS is insufficient, but we particularly focus on those with blindness, vision impairment or other accessibility needs.

Our app has an accessible text-first interface built specifically for a great TalkBack experience, as well as a highly interactive map interface built on Mapbox.

We’re installed in more than 70 locations including shopping centres, universities, hospitals, office buildings, major international events and precincts of all kinds in Australia and overseas, and we are growing fast.

Our mobile apps apply our sophisticated algorithms to data from smartphone sensors, including Bluetooth signals from a network of beacons, plus GPS, accelerometer, compass and gyro info, to localise a user in space, and then provide effective routes to their destination. 

This role is for a mid-level or senior Android developer based in Australia. You are free to work in our offices in Sydney or Melbourne, or remotely at home, in a coworking space, by the beach, in a park, in the shed, or wherever you want, really.

Some key responsibilities include: 

  • Collaborating with our product team to plan and build new features and enhancements
  • Working with the team to improve our on-device localisation and navigation algorithms
  • Improving and building out our camera-based localisation system and AR experiences
  • Integrating with our Firebase backend, as well as collaborating with the team on possible backend improvements
  • Working with our design team to improve the accessibility and user experience of the app
  • Improving our Kotlin simulation framework, which allows us to scalably verify the performance of our algorithms 

Working at BindiMaps

BindiMaps is a great place to work. We’re a small and strong team, growing fast.

We’re dedicated to diversity. We’re proud that we were founded as part of a program to empower female tech entrepreneurs, and it remains important to us that our company and our products are for everyone.

We value flexibility, collaboration and solving problems. We’re flexible about where you work, whether that’s in our offices, or remotely, and we’re dedicated to making sure that we’re collaborating effectively and finding and implementing the best ideas wherever they come from.

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