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Changing the way you navigate unfamiliar indoor spaces

First for people with vision impairment, then for everyone.

Our mission

We are revolutionising the way that we all navigate internal spaces. While BindiMaps adds a layer of convenience for most of us, it completely changes the way people with vision impairment access indoor spaces. BindiMaps removes significant barriers to navigation, and opens up a whole new world for discovery.



Our technology enables people to navigate with confidence and independence as they move through unfamiliar and complex indoor spaces. BindiMaps opens up a whole new world for exploration.


Evacuation and emergency signage in public spaces is visual, and people with vision impairment often need to rely on strangers for directions. Our technology takes the stranger out of the mix.


We empower people with vision impairment to navigate with ease. BindiMaps helps remove barriers to mobility, which assists with employment, independence and engagement with the community.

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