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Accessible wayfinding at the Australian Open

Image with a title 'WE LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING YOU AT AUSTRALIAN OPEN' in bold white font with a blue background highlighting the tennis tournament. Displays two character illustrations holding tennis equipment on left & right side of the image with the bindiMaps logo place in the bottom centre of the image.

It’s official! We are proud to be mapping the biggest sporting event in the Southern Hemisphere, ‘The Australian Open’ (AusOpen), for the second year in a row!

Kicking off on Monday, January 16, 2023- the tennis tournament is 100% accessible.

Image of our National Location Manager, JR, installing BindiMaps weatherproof beacons at the Australian Open.

We are mapping over 1.6 million square meters of the precinct to provide accessible wayfinding to our users. Our innovative technology will make navigation easier for all visitors! We have already set up a network of weatherproof beacons; a sophisticated mapping and route guidance system to provide accurate directions.

We are reinventing navigation at the tournament with our excellent features that would allow all attendees to navigate confidently & safely.

We will be providing voice-guided navigation along with clear map visuals to enhance the navigation experience for people with all abilities! Further our users would be able to customise their routes based on their needs, for instance- by enabling wheelchair access, our app would provide wheelchair-friendly routes.  

Image highlighting key features of the BindiMaps app.

Our advanced technology also takes the stranger out of the mix & alerts our users for any hazards- allowing each attendant to navigate securely & enjoy their time at the AusOpen! Moreover, our app would allow visitors to pin & share their location at the tournament with their friends & family!

We are ready to make this year’s biggest sporting event fully accessible & inclusive.

Download BindiMaps app today & allow us to help you navigate through the tournament effortlessly!

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