Where google Maps ends, we begin

Changing the way you navigate unfamiliar spaces

Two iPhones with BindiMaps Installed and opened.

Instant Familiarity

Instant orientation in an unfamiliar space. We let you know immediately what’s around you.

iPhone with BindiMaps open navigating to a cafe
iPhone with BindiMaps open

Audio + Map Directions

Choose any destination from our list and BindiMaps will guide you there with simple, audio directions.

Share your location

Use our Share This Location feature to send a store location to a friend so BindiMaps will guide them to you

iPhone with BindiMaps open and navigating to a parked car
iPhone with BindiMaps open and navigating to cafe

Hazard Alerts

Hazard alerts let you know when there is an obstacle or other danger in your path.

BindiMaps Supported Places

We’re proud to count some of Australia’s most recognised brands and indoor spaces as BindiMapped locations, including the KPMG national offices, National Library of Australia in Canberra. Stockland Shopping Centre, St Vincent Hospital, Adelaide Markets and many more.

Get in touch if you would like to recommend that a location installs BindiMaps.

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