Improving Accessibility at Peter Mac in a Victorian Hospital first

The Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre in Parkville has become the first hospital in Victoria to make life easier for vision impaired patients and visitors by installing BindiMaps.

The BindiMaps app will help those who are visually impaired navigate their way around some of the key public spaces at Peter Mac via audio instructions that describe where they are, what’s around them and the best way to get to their destination.

Peter Mac Chief Medical Officer Dr David Speakman said the new system is designed make life easier for vision impaired patients and visitors coming to Peter Mac.

“We know how challenging it can be to receive a cancer diagnosis or to visit someone in hospital with cancer, especially for those who are visually impaired,” Dr Speakman said.

“This new system will provide an additional level of support to people coming to Peter Mac and allow them to find their way around our Parkville campus by following clear and detailed audio directions via an app on their phone.

“The app connects with beacons that have been installed in different areas around our Parkville building and provides audio updates to users to let them know where they are, as well as directing them to where they need to go.

“It’s particularly designed to assist the vision impaired but is available to help anybody who downloads the app to access some of the key areas at Peter Mac,” he said.

The project was driven in part by the Peter Mac Consumer Advisory Committee with input from vision impaired consumers like Kevin Boyce.

Kevin’s mother received cancer treatment at Peter Mac.

“More than 20% of patients who use the Victorian health system have a disability,” Kevin said.

“Having access to the BindiMaps system at Peter Mac will make life far simpler for patients who are visually impaired or have other disabilities, as well as assisting visitors and family members who also need to navigate a busy hospital,” he said.

BindiMaps CEO, Anna Wright said hospitals are large and complex buildings that can present a daunting set of wayfinding challenges.

“Having BindiMaps installed at Peter Mac will help everyone to find their way around including patients and visitors with low or no vision, and those who prefer wheelchair accessible options,” Anna said.

Watch the video below to learn how BindiMaps works

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