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One of Australia's most loved brands, wanted to make a solid commitment to support people with a disability by creating a more inclusive working environment and hiring more people with a disability, particularly people with a vision impairment. Post-lockdown, they recognised the need to relocate their head office from an old, inaccessible and scattered location to a newer, more complex building with over five floors and 52 meeting rooms.
Key challenges
Head of Diversity and Inclusion

For people who potentially never thought they could work with us, (BindiMaps) enables them to come into the office and navigate their way around our building confidently.

Head of Diversity and Inclusion

Installing the beacons was a very smooth process. He came in, installed it and, and then it was ready in minutes. If there was an issue, I would text your team and it would be fixed in 5 minutes.


BindiMaps offered a unique solution unlike anything on the market that addressed the biggest challenges to create a more inclusive workforce for the future. The user-tested accessibility features for people with a vision impairment and wheelchair users, and intuitive map, text and audio wayfinding, made BindiMaps the perfect option.

With BindiMaps offering an end-to-end solution - from installation to ongoing location maintenance - it was easier for the Head of Diversity and Inclusion to get multiple stakeholders on board without having to budget for additional staff and increased workload.


BindiMaps was installed at the head office covering:

Square Metres




Meeting Rooms


Searchable spaces


BindiMaps installed at the head office in Sydney NSW, covering 30,688 square metres, five floors, and 53 meeting rooms.

The BindiMaps app delivers hyperlocal navigation with a 1-2 metre accuracy, clearly identifying different meeting rooms and 221 other searchable spaces within the head office. The step-by-step audio navigation enables current and future team members with a vision impairment to navigate the office efficiently and independently. At the same time, the text and map view gives sighted users a visual layout of the new office, and locate any meeting room, accessible entrance or other facilities at the tap of a button.

A previous lack of accessibility in their old building meant wheelchair users often were unable to access parts of the building. With BindiMaps' wheelchair feature, they can find routes that are accessible to them.

One of the biggest challenges of relocating to a new building was helping everyone find their way into the office. BindiMaps was able to ease the frustration and early teething of staff getting lost in a building with over 53 meeting rooms by letting people search for specific meeting rooms and spaces and using the map view to navigate.
Head of Diversity and Inclusion

We literally had no idea where our meeting rooms were (in the new building). People walk around the floor asking, 'Who knows where the Sunshine room is?', and then people yell out, 'Look on BindiMaps'. It's just easier now.

Head of Diversity and Inclusion

It's actually been a lot more successful than I was even hoping for because we continuously have new team members starting. So we now provide information for people when they start with us about our accessibility in our building, and BindiMaps is an important part of that.


45% Adoption Rate

In the six months they have installed BindiMaps, this hardware store has improved wayfinding for all staff to navigate their new office, with a 45% adoption rate of BindiMaps amongst full-time staff and visitors and contractors.

More Efficient Onboarding

New team members are also onboarded with BindiMaps as an essential workplace feature, making it a smoother experience for new employees trying to familiarise themselves with a new workplace. It also reduces the emotional and physical barriers to workplace participation for people with disabilities.

An Accessible Workplace

Having BindiMaps installed supports current and future employees with a disability, promote itself as an accessible workplace and help meet its commitment to hiring people of different abilities.

iPhone with BindiMaps open navigating to a cafe

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